Pocket Sisters

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  1. After being inspired by Stephanie (Pond23),the sisters came this afternoon. I had SA sent me both sizes because I couldn't decide which color and style I wanted. Well, here they are and I still can't decide, I love them both. The bags are gorgeous IRL. They really have to seen in person to be appreciated. :heart: I like the larger size because it feels more like an everyday bag for me, with 3 boys in tow, I do have a lot to carry. But I also have other totes I can use. The medium size is more for going out, more business like to me, but it's just beautiful. Anyway, here are some pictures. What do you ladies think?
    IMG_7038.JPG IMG_7039.JPG IMG_7037.JPG IMG_7034.JPG IMG_7033.JPG
  2. I had one...and I honestly preferred the bigger one!
  3. more....
    IMG_7026.JPG IMG_7027.JPG IMG_7028.JPG IMG_7030.JPG IMG_7032.JPG
  4. congrats, i like the brown more, but bigger size is better. I never knew the interior is a silky lining.
  5. Jill, do you mean the boxy one?
  6. Congrats! Yes I like the brown one better!
  7. YES!I think its more of a mommy bag and will be used more.For THAT kind of money..u should be able to use it all the time..not just for a going out bag..KWIM?
  8. Thanks Jill, I needed someone to agree to what I was thinking! :p
  9. congrats savannah!!!! BOTH are really lovely bags. i prefer the black (or is that the dark grey?) one because of the larger size in the vertical direction. i think both are large in their own ways - the brown one is wider but shorter in height, the black one is taller in height but narrower. so i guess if you are going to use it as a work bag to carry files etc, the black one would be great. for other everyday kind of carrying (groceries, shopping, etc), the brown one would be great too (you can probably store your kids' toys a bit better). good luck on your decision making! :flowers:
  10. i love this bag ... now if only i can afford to buy one :smile:

  11. I love the big one! It looks a little less bulky... it's more sleek.
  12. thanks ladies for all your comments.
  13. both are gorgeous! i prefer the darker colour in the smaller size though!
  14. Both are definately gorgeous!! Congrats!
  15. oh they both are so stunning!!