Pocket Shopper?

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  1. Has anyone seen the small sized Paddington Pocket Shopper anywhere? Preferably in Taupe? :love:
  2. Hi, Do you have a picture of the bag?:smile:
  3. Here it is in Cream which I also love. Ann's Fab Finds has a brand new one in Taupe, but I want the option of returning it just in case I don't love it, you know? I'm hoping to find one on clearance. Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks!
    Will have a snout round for you..;)
  5. So...is it the same as this one, but smaller....?
  6. If that's the large size, then I guess mine would be the smaller one. I think it's about 15 X 9....pretty close to the medium satchel size....maybe a tad bit taller and deeper? Thanks for snouting round for me!! LOL!!! :yes:
  7. I saw one at LVR, but it's not on sale..
  8. Thanks for clearing that up!
    I enjoy snouting! lol:graucho: ;)

    By the way, where does the padlock sit on the bag, or am i missing something...? :wlae:
  9. I didn't realize the pocket front Paddington came in two different sizes. So would the large one be more box shaped, and the small one more rectangular?