Pocket Paddy, what to do!

  1. SO I just got a black pocket paddy via Bloomie's pre-sale--saved over $300 with the 20% off BUT what I really want is one in a lighter color, like the yellow (or jaune or sunflower, whatever they're calling it).

    Sadly Bloomies didn't get that color, the SA checked all stores. Should I call a Nordstrom's somewhere and see if they'll price match and take an order over the phone (if they even have the yellow?)

    I love the black but i just bought a chocolate Muse which is also dark and I could really use something in a lighter shade. Or I could get the tan at LVR which I think comes out to about 20% less than the department stores as well.

    Or I could keep the black. There's no such thing as too many black bags...or...help...I'm drowning in indecision!
  2. I would call Nordstroms and see if they'll do a price match. See if they have the yellow also. Besides, what do you have to lose? Then at least you'll get the bag you've been wanting.

    If they don't, then what do you want to do? I think that is the bigger question because it's all about the black bag and whether you really love it, at that point.
  3. if you have seen the color that you would really like IRL and LVR has it then I would say go for that. It is difficult and hardly worth it to return to LVR so you need to be sure you want what you are getting. I say return it and get what you really want. I have so many bags that just sit and it is such a waste. I love my choco pady and I have 4 other very beautiful expensive choco bags but I will always pick the paddy. I finally ordered my first black bag and if I love it, the black ramona, then I will not get another black bag so my ramona can get all the lovin. good luck
  4. I saw a Sunflower pocket Paddy at Nordstrom's in South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA less than a week ago.

    Which Bloomies carries Chloe? Fashion Island doesn't.
  5. yeah, i had no idea that bloomies carried Chloe. ill have to check it out for FF.

    As for the color, I would call Nords and see if they will price match.if they are particular on the color; i would return yours a bloomies, buy a black at nords and then exchange it later for the color you want. sometimes places only price match for the exact item, color and size.

    Good luck!
  6. What is this Bloomie's pre-sale you speak of? Is it still going on??
  7. check out the bloomies friends and family thread in deals and steals to learn all...it's thurs the 27th and it's GREAT!

    The bloomies in SoHo NY has Chloe. I've never seen it at any others
  8. Callmelulu, Have you checked out the other pocket paddy colors IRL? I am quite partial to the black in the pocket paddy...I think some of the other colors look better in the traditional satchel than in the pocket paddy...
  9. Very true, SoCal. I'm beginning to think the pocket looks much better in darker colors. I"m torn between keeping the black or returning it and waiting to see what colors come out next season...a deep cranberry would be nice!
  10. You got such a great discount on the black...I would hold onto it for a while... Bdles also has a good return policy if you decide later to wait...
  11. You could always sell the one from Bloomies and use the money to get the one you really want
  12. I love the pocket paddy in black - you should keep it!