Pocket Paddy Pics

  1. hi, gals! just wanted to share pics of my mousse medium pocket and acier large pocket...enjoy!:flowers:
    mousseMP.jpg acierLP.jpg
  2. Lovely!!

    The acier really sparkles in the sun!
  3. Oooo! Very pretty!! :love: I think mousse looks beautiful in that style!!! :yes:
  4. VERY nice..Im so in love with the Mousse color...!!
  5. BOO- those bags are too beautiful! Best colors!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  6. Gorgeous bags, congrats..!! :flowers: I love pocket paddys as they're so comfortable on shoulder and the front pockets is perfect for keys and phone, they both are tdf..!!
  7. So Pretty! I love the acier color!
  8. Beautiful pictures of those bags. I love the acier.
  9. BooYah, i'm soo green w/ envy. You always get the supadope :supacool: bags!
  10. Both bags are gorgeous - of course, I am biased I have the same mousse bag
  11. Me like! They look so pretty posing outside. :drool:
  12. awwwwww, thank you so much for the wonderful compliments, ladies:shame: :flowers:
    the pocket paddy bags are the perfect size when you have loads of things to tote around on a daily basis;)
  13. Both bags are gorgeous. Congrats to you. Too bad you can't carry both at the same time. Wish I could have them. :smile:
  14. Beautiful Bags
  15. I :heart: both of them! I have a large pocket paddy as well and it's great! :flowers:
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