pocket paddy - HELP! ivory or tan!

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  1. i just realize NM has my pocket paddy in ivory (off-white) and tan!!!

    now i cant decide between the two colors...both are so cute...but definitely cant get both lol!

    any advice from all you bag ladies would be appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I like tan in the satchel but haven't been crazy about pics of it in larger sizes like the pocket. SoCal has some pics on one of these threads and she returned hers....

    I vote for ivory!
  3. The ivory Paddy is gorgeous. I'd vote for that one.
  4. I vote the ivory too. SoCal did say this new season tan looked a bit fake, like painted on, and yeah returned it.
  5. Ivory Ivory Ivory
    No Tan No Tan No Tan
    Yes Ivory Yes Ivory
  6. aahah looks like the ivory is winning! thanks!!

    i wonder if the pocket came out in whiskey...

    i live in chicago and its cold here most of the time - not sure if ivory would work in the winter...any thoughts?
  7. SoCal, lol!!! It's time to ixnay the caffiene, hehehe. Or maybe u could come to Aus and tell me "No more bags, No more bags".. LOL! I could use a cheering squad with that message. My dear friend here is telling me to buy a Spy, a Stam, a Muse in croc leather, no less, a Chanel Classic Flap. Waaa!
  8. Um yeah SoCal had the whiskey pocket too! Pics somewhere around here... I'll try to find them and point out unless SoCal can come along and help.

    BTW I think certain whites work great in winter esp snowy places... I do hear stories of color transfer though so you'd have to be pretty careful regardless the season.
  9. SS, You can always get a Chanel classic...so no to that right now... Spy or stam is a good idea. Muse in croc...wow! (I have only used my ostrich muse once, but expect it to be around for a while...) (On the other hand, muse in croc = 5 to 10 other bags...)
  10. oh yeah i remember from those great pics SoCal posted of whiskey pockets!

    SoCal where did you get your beautiful whiskey paddy? thanks!
  11. Ivory!
  12. Chloe SCP. I received a call from Saks NYC last week...they had also received the whiskey medium pocket (they call it the "professor").
  13. Definitely the ivory! Here are pics of my blanc, which may be what NM is calling ivory. They have a pic of the tan on the website, and it is YUCK! I have heard that the tan looks "painted on" rather than a natural tanned leather. The ivory is deep enough to wear year round.

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  14. Wait, you're s'posed to cheer "no more bags", lol! J/k;)

    Yeah, I totally agree on the Chanel. A week ago I really wanted it but then decided to wait and get others 1st. The Muse in general is not really wowing me like it should.. my friend loves it but me - not so much. Lol, but she sure does have fancy tastes, croc indeed, heh. I've been thinking of a quilted MJ Blake or another paddy - in choco. Or a B ink city. Hmm, in a way, it's good to have all these things competing with each other on the wishlist.. defers the time I actually get anything, thru all this decision making:lol: .
  15. i am so confused! the assistance lady told me that the sunflower is what's show in the picture when it looks exactly like the tan. we need to get these names straight!!

    ET - like i said earlier - i love your blanc pocket...are you sure you want to let it go :biggrin:????