pocket organizer vs business card holder

  1. i want to get it in red epi:love:
    but stuck if i should go with the "limited to cards" spaces of the pocket organizer or the more "open" space of the business card holder (cash and random papers).

    which do you recommend as a "front-pocket wallet?"

    does the pocket organizer get fat as you put in cards?

    plus what color would go well with the brite red if got it hot stamped with H R Y?

    pros cons?

    thanks :smile:
  2. I have both and prefer the Pocket Organizer because, I feel that everything is more secure. The slots on the Business Card Holder feel "loose" when you put credit cards in them; it feels like things ar going to fall out when you open it.

    Beware of Epi if you're going to put it in your pocket, even a front pocket, as the edges around the fold will be prone to cracking, and eventually peeling, from being squashed. Taiga and the other canvases hold up better if you're going to put it in you're pocket, even though they don't come in that HOT red color.
  3. ah that's true i though about that - i have a similarly designed wallet as the business card holder - but i do like the space

    cracking- gross....isn't there like a leather lotion to help?
    well i probably won't use it 24/7 for months
    i alternate so maybe that's ok for me.

    but yes the brite brite red......amazing.