pocket organizer... epi or damier?


pocket organizer! which! (pair with pomme, groom, & azur)

  1. damier!

  2. myrtile epi (since you want a mini ribera, don't get damier!)

  3. ivory epi

  4. wait till it comes out in azur!

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  1. what would you choose!
  2. I say ivory since you already have a blue agenda and it will match your azur pochette well without being the same thing!!
  3. Myrtille Epi... it's SUCH a hot color!
  4. I chose Damier! It's my fav. line for small goods!
  5. Ivoire epi is gorgeous and ivory goes with everything!
  6. Epi! : )
  7. Tobago! lol But seriously I'd go with Damier.
  8. im on both myrtille and ivory. cant decide
  9. epi!
  10. (pretend I don't have a myrtile epi agenda since I am going to sell to help fund this).
  11. damier! i once had it..and exchanged it to add towards a belem PM...

    i already had the billfold..

    but i love it!
  12. I voted for Ivoire epi, but I would get one in Mandarin epi if you can find it. It looks soooo nice =)
  13. I voted for ivoire too =) For some reason the damier accessories always look a bit masculine to me.
  14. I voted for Ivory, but mytile is great too! I worry about the Ivory showing wear/dirt for something that you'll use a lot. But if it's just about color I like it the best. Myrtile won't show wear as quickly and it's a nice color too.