Pocket Organiser: Canvas Vs. Leather


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May 6, 2019
I'm thinking of buying my first LV piece, a pocket organiser! Currently I'm debating between the Monogram Eclipse and the Monogram Shadow (embossed lather), and the blanc monogram- I feel they are the most understated ones without being plain like the Taiga.

Monogram Eclipse:

Monogram Shadow:

Blanc Monogram:

Which would hold up better with wear and tear? I'm worried that the embossed leather, with it looking quite supple, will fade easily overtime- even though I try to keep a wallet in a front or breast pocket. Would the blanc monogram get dirty easily?

Thanks for your advice!
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Dec 9, 2016
I have Pocket Organizers in both Monogram Eclipse and Monogram Shadow.

I love the Monogram Shadow. In case you haven't actually seen it in person, the embossing is not very deep. I've used mine for nearly a year now, and it's held up well. I don't think it has faded much, but I also don't care if it fades. I like the idea of it looking weathered and aged over time. To me, leather becomes more beautiful when it looks that way. It should not forever look brand new and never used.

You should probably just get the Monogram Eclipse because it's easy and low maintenance.

I love the look of the Blanc Monogram, but that thing would turn blue in no time because I wear jeans every day.