Pocket in the front of b-bag: What do you store in there?

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  1. Cell phone and iPod nano :smile:
  2. Mobile, namecard holder, mints and my office access card.
  3. clean, folded kleenex and the mirror
  4. just my phones. i don't want my keys scratching my phones (or breaking linings in coat pockets) so i keep them in an ink coin purse.
  5. I put things I need quick and easy access to: my cell, keys, and card. I also put my iPod in there if I'm walking and listening to it so it can reach my head and I can also get to it easily.
  6. My cell phone and keys.
  7. cell phone and keys
  8. I have the mirror and my keys there!

  9. Ditto!
  10. I've never put anything in the front pocket :s

  11. I always keep my phone, keys and sometimes lip balm
  12. Cellphone, and lipgloss. I have a day bag, and I can't seem to find my phone if it isn't in one of the pockets.
  13. little funny secret me stuff...

    i have a little photo i found on the street in there right now and some shells from a recent sunday. oh, and a safety pin. never know when you'll need a safety pin.
  14. cell phone and LV cles which holds some change, office access card and starbucks card.
  15. My lip balm and my cell phone