Pocket in the front of b-bag: What do you store in there?

  1. In most of the style of bbag (First, City), there is a zipper pocket in the front of the bag........what do you usually put in there? Just curious? :yes: I am scared to put my keys in there because I am worry that the leather will be scratch. So I need other ideas.
  2. I use it for quick (but not bulky) things...mostly receipts, business cards, etc...sometimes a lipgloss but I usually try not to put anything too heavy or big in there so the pocket stays flat...
  3. i always put my cell phone in there for easy access, cant stand having to sort through my bag if i put it anywhere else!

    and for the front pocket of my coin purse i usually stick, well, coins in there, and use the rest of the purse as a wallet/key holder/ipod nano case.
  4. I put either my cell phone or my keys (but then I don't have alot of thing hanging on my keys) for easy access.
  5. I have a pen in mine. I try not to use my front pocket too much.. I worry about dirty-ing the white leather!!!
  6. I put my debit card in there for quick access while shopping.
  7. Wallet, cell phone, keys - the essentials!
  8. cell phone, keys, changes, and some candy.
  9. Cell phone and keys in my work. Cell phone only in my firsts :yes:
  10. the mirror and my cell
  11. cell phone and card carrier
  12. I have my cell in it and my tube ticket so I can access it easily when there's a control.
  13. i think it is perfect for a cell phone esp. on the Day or City or even larger bags, so you don't have to dig through the whole bag for it.
  14. Cell phone and nothing else. I always get scared that something else will fall out as I grab my phone. It happened to me before and I lost some money.
  15. tissues!!