Pocket In The City

  1. This is a brand new line that CHANEL has released for Pre-Fall 2007. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one small Pocket in the City flap available in dark brown which retails for $1795. This collection features the new soften caviar leather that is gorgeous!
    pocket in the city.JPG
  2. That is gorgeous! Lucas - do you have measurements? TIA!

  3. that's cute!!
  4. nice!
  5. gorgeous!
  6. It is about 10 inches long and about 6 inches tall. We'll be receiving larger tote versions later in the season, too.

    The new softened caviar is truly beautiful!
  7. A bigger version? Oh, boy! I saw this small one at a trunk show and it was beautiful. Loved the leather. The sample bag was a dark bordeaux/aubergine like color, but I was told that color wasn't coming. :crybaby: Any news as to colors, CB?
  8. Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Black
  9. Lucas - I know you posted a picture of the larger Pocket in the City - but I can't find it! Do you have a picture...and/or the dimensions, colors and price?


  10. Nope, I have not posted a picture of it yet. We haven't received the larger ones yet so I don't have pictures.
  11. Lucas,

    Can you take some more pictures of the Pocket of the City please? Such as inside, front, back etc...

    Thanks a lot!
  12. What a fun new bag! So is that the little pocket on the outside of the bag? Thanks for sharing CB! You are such a great resource!
  13. this is the cutest bag!!!Im gettin the bigger version of it
  14. I'm liking this one.
  15. Jill - wasn't there a picture of the larger one - I remember you asked a question about it...