Pocket in the City vs. Caviar flap

  1. In an attempt to find a Chanel (other than my HG cabas bag) that really appeals to who I am and what I like in a bag, I have fallen for the Pocket in the City. I have looked in the reference library and absolutely adore everyone's bags from the flap to the huge tote. With a 5 month old, I can't make it to the mall, so I haven't tried any of them on. Does anyone have any pointers or favorites? I love the big tote with exterior pockets on the front and back but am worried that it's too wide to be comfortable under my shoulder ( I think it's something like 8"!). I'm also unsure how much the smaller ones hold. Is this a looks-better-in-photographs bag? Oh yeah, does anyone actually use that pocket on the front?! Any advice would be really appreciated.

    I know I want to buy one, but I'm actually thinking of selling my caviar jumbo to get two (maybe a flap and a tote) because I think the ligne is more my style than the jumbo. Do you think that would be a bad move for later down the road? Do you think this style will look really odd in a few years? Thanks again!
  2. I am currently carrying a Prada Cervo and what happens is that my purse becomes a combination of handbag and diaper bag. I stuff in our son's spoon, diaper, bottle, etc.

    I will soon be migrating to the Pocket in the City tote. I don't plan on using it as an every day bag for me, but when going out with our 2 year old, PITC is perfect in dual role as purse for me and diaper bag for our son. That front pocket is very functional, but I would not keep keys or anything very valuable there.

    When I get a chance, I will post modeling pics for you.
  3. You may find the flap bag easier to carry. It's pretty flat and fits perfectly under the arm. :yes:
  4. I tried stuffing my work security card in that front pocket (I have the medium flap) but got worried I would stretch the pocket out so no, I don't put anything in there anymore. I love this bag, it's truly functional (3 sections inside) and the perfect size for work.
  5. Thanks so much aptmtb and tiffany_darling! That's why I'm considering both- the big tote seems so functional but the flap seems more comfortable to carry. I love the look for the thinner tote with the flap but worry it isn't the most practical because of the flap covering all the sections. This one:

  6. Great to know! What can you fit in it? The medium flap is same one as posted above, right?
  7. I really love the exterior pockets on the large tote but am afraid it's too wide (width seen in eBay pic below). Has anyone who's tried this on found it too bulky or does it squish under your arm to fit comfortably (just for info, I find the medallion bulky under the arm).
  8. Bumping this one up in hopes of getting opinions on the large flap vs. the tote. I decided not to switch out my flap for the PITC small flap but am still very torn on which PITC to get. I absolutely love the look of the large flap but don't like that my stuff wouldn't be easily accessible and I worry it's kind of tall to be digging for stuff in under the flap. On the other hand I really don't want to wind up with a bag that's too bulky to carry around...any thoughts even if it's just an aesthetic preference??
  9. I have the PIC (non tote) and I adore it. I've thought about returning it for a jumbo, but can't (I've never carried it) because I won't be able to buy it again. I'd go for the one you like the best. I've never seen the tote in real life so I don't know how much that helps but it does seem bulky.
  10. echo, I have the bag in that photo and I absolutely love it. The middle compartment zips, and that is where I keep my wallet and check book. Then there is an open compartment on either side. I think a pro of the flap tote would be that the silhouette is so slim. I'd imagine that the bigger tote would mold to your body somewhat too, though, because that is what the medium size does. I don't know that the medium flap tote would be able to be a full purse/diaper bag combo. At 5 months, I know you probably need to bring along a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, etc, and I'd think the large tote would be better for all of that.
  11. I have and love the PITC medium-size flap-tote (the one that Kate Walsh is wearing in the photo). The silhouette is so sleek and elegant. It lies so perfectly against the body. It has many compartments, which is rare for Chanel bags. Some people have mentioned that it is somewhat difficult to get in and out of this bag because it is a flap with a snap closure, but this really hasn't bother me that much. I have the Jumbo Classic Flap too; the PITC definitely holds much more, and I can put my papers in it. The one problem I did have with this bag was loose stitching on the strap after a few months of wear. Nordstrom took care of it, and they said that I was the first person that they had heard of who had had this problem.
  12. tln, you have the flap not the tote, right? Do you and Pond23 find it heavy at all? Can you tuck the flap inide the bag so you can reach the inside compartment (KWIM)?

    I am so torn! Do the boutiques still have these in stock? I might have to bite the bullet and haul my daughter over there with me to try them on in person. I keep thinking I want the medium flap because it looks AMAZING on and has that slim profile but I know that the tote has all the pockets accesible to me, which is good to have with a young child. I want to just cut the top off the medium flap and make it a flap-less tote, then I'd have it all!
  13. sorry about the late reply ~ i have the medium sized flap one as well and you can definitely put magazines in it (big for me for work), continental wallet, etc. pretty sure you could even stuff diapers in it (it's very expandable inside). i love the smell, the glazed caviar leather, and the functional pockets. things i don't like: i agree, not the easiest to get into when it is on your shoulder. also, the leather straps on top of the chain to me are more slippery than regular chain straps (but are also more comfortable too). to me, this bag is the perfect size, and not too bulky or too dainty either.

    recently the larger one (largest size, pictured on mannequin) went on sale (i was pretty upset since it was a "newer" bag!) ... so maybe you can get a good price on one by calling the NMs and Saks in your area? or even checking out eBay? i saw the medium flap on eBay recently for half the retail price but wasn't sure if it's authentic so I did not post it... (seller needed to provide more pics).

    i do really love this line though... it was the bag that got me started on my whole addiction :smile: