Pocket in the City ... or Grand Shopper Tote?

  1. I recently purchased a new GST in the dark brown .... I've not taken tags off... or used it yet! Now with all of these posts showing the pocket in the city I'm wondering WHICH one I'd really prefer!!?? They both look similar in terms of size and the inside layout!

    I don't have any stores near me (the ENTIRE state):sad: So looking at them or trying them on first-hand is not possible.
    I'd have to mail the GST back to the store if I return/exchange.

    Has anyone tried both... or does anyone HAVE both?? Please let me know your feelings - comparisons!!

  2. I had both at one point, both are functional bags, but I decided to keep the PITC. It's lighter and easier to carry compare to the GST in my opinion. The leather is beautiful and the silky lining really makes the bag. I didn't like the openess of the GST, and one of the shoulder straps kept falling off my shoulder. PITC is not going to around after awhile, you can get the GST almost anytime. Good luck with your decision.
  3. I have the GST in the Dark Brown. I do like the durability of the bag compared to my other Chanels that I baby more. You have the Zippered section in the middle for your wallet. I have some bags that IMO are nicer but I get soooo many compliments on the GST.... I do really like the bag alot, my daughter, 19 talked me into the bag. I think it's a great everyday bag. I was like you with the tag, it took me about 2 weeks to remove the tag and use it. I don't regret it!
  4. ^^^ I totally agree with Savannah. I bought both bags, and I returned the GST. I could not get over the openness of the bag and the problem with the straps' slipping. I love my PITC bag. It was my first Chanel, and it is one of my favorites. It is so sleek against the body. I receive the most compliments on this bag.

  5. DITTO on the PITC. GST went buh-bye for me after I fell in love with this bag.
  6. Get the PITC. You are going to love it!! The GST is always around and you can buy it later. Here's another better pic of my PITC.:tup:
    PITC Black Tote 017.jpg
  7. ^ totally agree with shopgirl bb. You still could get GST later.

    so, go with PITC! :idea:
  8. Must concur with most - GST will be here the PITC will not, so although I think the GST is a more classic style, if you think you will be getting more Chanel in the future, stick with the PITC for now.....:yes:
  9. The very first CHANEL bag that took my breath away was the PITC, medium tote. For whatever reason (it was classics price increase paranoia if you must know, lol) I ended up going home with the GST.

    I felt exactly as Savannah and pond23 did - the interior was too exposed to me, and I just didn't like the way the bag sat on my shoulder (never carried it around enough to see if the straps would slip). And it's just too boxy IMO.

    So I returned the GST...I did develop a bit of a flap addiction in the meantime, but I do plan to get the PITC by the end of the year. It's just so beautiful to me (that glazed leather!!!), and appears to be so functional. IMO it's much more understated than the GST, which appeals to me too.

    If you do end up returning your GST, try calling the SA who helped you with your purchase. If you can locate another buyer (maybe try posting in the shopping subforum - hope this suggestion is allowed), the SA may be able to arrange having the bag picked up right from your location instead of you having to deal with mailing it back yourself.

  10. Love the leather on the PITC bag but hate the style. It looks like a Chanel art project gone wrong with that little purse pocket on the front. I love the GST as an everyday bag and there is a zipper section in the middle and on one side for all your valuables. The slipping shoulder strap can always be rectified by tucking one strap under the other. The other style you might consider is the expandable flap or tote if the GST doesn't rock your boat.
  11. I'm going to have to agree with Syma on this one- I don't like the way PITC looks. I feel like it will be outdated in a year or so. The GST is classic and as you use it, the more it conforms to your body. I would go with the GST.
  12. Another vote for the GST--it's classic and won't fall out of trend :p
  13. Thanks for all of your input... it's about 50% for GST and 50% for PITC! YIKES!!! The hardest part for ME is not being able to SEE and try the bag before getting it - since it's obviously so much personal preference in terms of style and shoulder strap comfort!

    It's nice to have this you all who have experience with the bags I cannot personally see to HELP with some of these decisions!!

    Still trying to decide:confused1:

    Hugs to you all!:tender:
  14. Good luck! I LOVE the GST and I always felt that little pocket in the front was "off looking" for me.

    Good luck!
  15. I actually just returned my Dark Brown GST for the Dark Brown Expandable tote. :smile: I saw a woman with a GST that looked seriously beat up, smushed in hardcore on the bottom, etc. and I'm too anal to own a bag that could turn out like that with use. :wtf: Also, ITA with Savannah... one strap kept falling off of my shoulder when I just stood motionless with the GST... and I also decided that I don't love the boxyness of it. I'm just going to get a brown caviar Jumbo when I can find one haha. :p

    I would say keep the GST if you don't mind the boxyness and/or the way it will invariably look after use. Otherwise, the PITC glazed leather is gorgeous, and the bag is very functional, though I'm not as crazy about the style itself (the pocket haha, etc.). :smile: Hmmm, you could always get the brown expandable tote haha... it's gorgeous in chocolate brown, and doesn't jut out... very comfortable to wear. :p Good luck deciding! :heart: