Pocket in the City help!

  1. Hi girls! I usually post in the Chloe forum, but have just received my 2nd Chanel. It's the Pocket in the City (I'm certain from searches here). It arrived, however, with a tag that says Classic Bag with Flap #93803 from Nordies. It also says "Dk Grey", but this bag looks brown to me. Is there a possibility it is tagged wrong? The retail says $2650 is that the correct retail for this bag?

    If you have this bag, do you love it? I also just acquired the GST in Black. I'm only wishing it were a little bigger.

    Thanks so much for all your help!:heart:
  2. I think I've just answered part of my own question. So sorry, I should have googled this. I think the numbers above are the color code?

    Would still like to know if this bag retailed at $2650 and your opinion of the bag. Thanks!
  3. Yes, dark grey looks brown (see my avatar pic of dark grey Modern Chain tote), and Chanel always tags their bags with something generic that isn't the actual name of the collection.

    The retail is indeed $2650. I prefer the tote version of the PIC since flaps aren't my thing, but the bag itself is really nice!
  4. I have this exact bag, and I love it. All of the information on the tag is correct. They call it "Dk Grey" but it is indeed a dark brown in real life. The tag does say "Classic Bag with Flap." Chanel puts this description on a lot of their bag tags. #93803 is the color code. I also paid $2650 for it, from Nordstrom Topanga.

    I love the shape of this bag. It lies so flat and sleek. I receive a lot of compliments on this bag, even from Louis Vuitton sales associates!

    I like the size of this bag because it is medium-large. It holds more than a regular flap, but it is not as big and bulky as a tote.

    Enjoy it!

  5. Lovely bag. :tup: There are still a few boutiques out there with the dark grey PITC on sale for $1980, too. :yes: My only issue with it was the straps kept falling off because it's one long strap and I could never get them to remain even and steady.
  6. Thank you so much for your replies! The SA told me the bag was brown, and it looked brownish to me but the tag threw me! I even logged on to "live help" and they couldn't help me. You guys rock!

    I bought the bag sight unseen, and really do like it. I paid $1760 so it looks like I got a good deal.
  7. Love your MC, btw! Is there some where I can see a pic of the PIC tote? I used the search feature but didn't see it.
  8. Lovely collection, Tiffany! I wondered why you returned your PIC. I will "wear" this one around the house a bit to make sure it won't drive me crazy.


    Thanks for your opinion and information! I also bought the black GST and I like it, but think I may like this one a bit more. I'd rather not have 2 identical totes (even in different colors) but I do like bigger bags. I'm pretty excited because I guess I got the last one at Nordies and it was on sale!
  9. I have the PIC tote and I really really love it!!! I've been using it almost everyday since the day I bought it and there is absolutely no visible signs of wear and tear.

    The tag does say 'dk grey' but it's a rich chocolatey colour. The 'brown' is a lighter brown colour IRL.

    There are pics of the PIC tote in the reference library.

    You could try criss crossing the handles so they won't slip off your shoulder. I do that when I have something silky on and the chains stay put.