Pocket in the City--gorgeous bag, or v. pregnant brain getting overly excited?

  1. I walked in to my Saks today and saw this bag in dark brown and had my SA put it back for me. I think I love it, but I am 7 days away from having my baby and want to make sure my brain is working :p Have you all discussed this much? It is a great color, looks durable and functional--but is it too utilitarian, or a quasi classic? It is pricey, but I need a brown to add to my little collection (black cabas, navy patent jumbo flap, bordeaux small flap). I borrowed a picture from DJO--hope that is OK.

  2. I haven't seen it IRL, but it looks great in pics, very utilitarian:yes:
    Could be a practical Mommy bag.
  3. I spent 30 minutes today playing with both the tote and flap styles of Pocket In The City in brown. My conclusions were that the tote style was too boxy and the flap style was for on the shoulder only. Both styles required work to get in and out of the bag and various compartments....for close to 3 grand I would think long and hard about this investment.
  4. I just ran in and saw it. I tried it on, but it is hard to tell when you are so rolly polly! I don't want boring, but I do want practical, pretty and durable.
  5. i love the look of it, from the pics that DJO kindly posted, that was one of the bags that caught my eye!

    p.s. congrats in advance on the impending arrival of your little bundle of joy! :flowers:
  6. I adore that bag but the price tag makes me hesitant to buy it!
  7. ITA. It was the one bag I really liked from his pics AND then I saw it in person and liked it even better. But, I can't spend that kind of money. I need more of a classic look for 3 grand that I know I'll use forever.
  8. I don't care for the look of it, I don't like the pocket in the front at all. To me this bag looks slightly frumpy, JMO.
  9. i like it- and it could definitely double as a baby bag. just make sure its not too heavy once you put all yours and your baby's stuff in it. maybe you can convince the dad to buy it for you as a present for doing such a great job :smile: congratulations! mazel tov!
  10. Personally, I think it is too much money to be spending on a bag that is also going to be your "baby bag." You can't baby your baby and the bag, so inevitably it will have more wear than a normal bag and prone to more "baby accidents." So, I would not opt for a chanel baby bag but something you can wash easily and not worry about when changing diapers in the public bathrooms.
  11. I totally agree!! I played with the flap yesterday and thought that it was too complicated to get your things in and out!
  12. Two things that stop me from buying are the price tag and the complicated opening. I'd need a 3rd hand to get things in and out, especially with a baby.
  13. The extra pocket in the front to me looks weird. Not a fan.
  14. its alright
  15. I think the bag looks more trendy than classic. It also looks heavy to be a baby bag.