pocket friends travel with handbags!

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  1. And after that, it’s all fun for DD.
  2. What a fun time!!! You always make sure that your DD gets to see educational places as well.
  3. Thanks! Actually, Okunoshima or the rabbit island is the hilight of the trip for reasons. DD loves animals and I like history. It used to be a secret poisonous gas factory/lab during the war because it’s close to Tokyo enough to transport the weapon there if needed and far enough that if the gas leaked, it won’t get to the mainland. It wasn’t even on a map back then. Now, all the poisonous gas and equipments are destroyed and the rabbits there are believed to be heirs of those lab test rabbits that were left after the war and the island got discarded. Now that it’s open again, there’s even a small hotel on the island. The museum on the island is very interesting.

    There’s a small building said to be a reception/office building during the war time. When the island first open for public and tourists, they used it as a hotel until the proper hotel is finished and can operate. I really wonder what it would feel like to get to sleep in that building.
  4. Wow, a place with history!! I don't think I encountered this when researching for places to go.
  5. I think more places will keep unfolding the more the Japanese open their country for tourists.
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