pocket friends travel with handbags!

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  1. How fun! The zoo at night looks magical. Enjoy your trip!
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  2. Hope it doesn’t get too tiring! I went to Jurong Bird Park on my first visit to Singapore about 20 years ago. I had a very nice time!

    On my recent travels, I always include free days in the itinerary. Sometimes you need to recuperate first before embarking on the next leg.
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  3. Thanks! They did a pretty good job with that event. I’m glad we went.

    Normally, I do that, too, but it’s not only is this time. There’re family’s friends with us and they’re leaving before us so we’re quite in a rush to accommodate them. We’ll rest along the way.
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  4. It’s a Lion King broadway show today and no photo from me. We went back to Garden by the bay again since we didn’t get into the domes last time and since it’s close by. I’ll blame myself for not doing enough research on this and simply laugh out loud when I see this after climbing up the stairs for 7 stories to see this! My gosh! The best joke of the day!


    We stumbled on this light and sound show on our way back home. We didn’t mean to see it today, but since it’s there, we stopped by just to take a peak. Sorry for a bad shot. I was just waiting for DD. I plan to go back though. Some other days.


    It’s Universal Studios tomorrow and it’s going to be tough. DD and I don’t like haunted house while the family friends love it. Well, I think I’ll sneak out and take her to Sesame Street.
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  5. are those LEGO flowers???
  6. Yes!
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  7. oh my. Who thought that would be the treat at the end of a 7 story stair climb? Maybe two stories would’ve been less of a disappointment!
  8. Nothing much at USS. It’s amusement park, but DD got called on the big stage and although she looked nervous, it went well. I can’t believe she even raised her hand and volunteered it herself. I’m so proud of her.


    Since we’re already been here, we know what we like and don’t like and what we want to try. She went on her first real rollercoaster. I’m not sure if I just woke up the monster, but I’m definitely a chicken. I tried it just because she’s dying to get there and the queue was so short since it’s already late.
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  9. Then, a mandatory science center. I try to find at least one or two for each of our trip. DD loves this one and we all had good time.



    This fire tornado demonstration is super cool!

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  10. Then, the SEA aquarium. We’ve been here before and I didn’t think about repeating it until a family friend wanted to go so here we’re again. But DD loves it very much. I guess our next trip, I still have to add another in. There’s no way to escape, I guess. But not that I mind.


    And then, it’s the SEA MM meet up. Thank you so much for @soramillay and @jaspearl to come. I’m sorry I spend lots of time on food, but I was seriously starving. I’ve been deprived of a decent meals for some time already. All the fried food at museum and amusement park are just sad. Besides, everything looks so good!


    Afterward, it’s night safari for us. I forgot to take photo though. (no offense, but I like the one in Chaing Mai much better).

    And that’s it for today.

    Thank you so much for the girls to come meet me. It’s actually my first time doing something like this. Normally, it’s just one of my close friends who knows how crazy I am about bags and we feed each other off or just give a blunt opinion whether we like it or not. Its been a very fun time. Thank you!
  11. Your DD is really experiencing a well rounded learning!

    I'm so happy with your MM meetup!! I hope another time I will be able to join. :smile: What a happy international experience I'm sure!

    Btw, who owns the Port Calista? (or is not Port?)

    I have not tried the night safari in Singapore nor Chiang Mai, but I had the lovely chance of going on an elephant ride in Chiang Mai. In all my travels, it's one of my most memorable experiences!
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  12. Oh... you have to. I don’t want to brag, but the experience in Chaing mai one is much better. I think it’s best so far.

    The Calista is port and belongs to Jaspearl. It’s very pretty. I’m permanently putting on my leather list. Maybe one day I’d get to go visit you. DH actually planning a trip for triathlon in the Philippine. I’m sure that’s within a couple of years.
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  13. I might just get that Theia/midi in Port Merinos after that photo and you vouching for the leather. :smile: I originally wanted it in fuchsia pink color. But I just got my Ferragamo tote, so MM fuchsia for a shoulder carry bag is out of the equation for now.

    Oh that will surely be exciting! Let me know if you will be here for much longer than a layover!! :smile: My oldest sister's hubby also joins Iron Man events, who knows your DH might be in one of those events here.
  14. Yes. Hubby is actually planning for iron man Cebu right now. He said if he doesn’t get a slot for Tokyo marathon, probably he’ll apply for it next year.
  15. He is serious with his marathons!!
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