Pocket Comparison


Feb 4, 2006
My mousse big pocket has found a new home:biggrin:, but before I packed her up I got a pic with my medium pocket that arrived today so you can see the difference in size.


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Terrific picture - thanks for the comparison shot! Whoa - I didn't realize the front pocket was so much larger on the Large size and also that the Large one had those additional buckles on the front that the Medium doesn't.
Nicolette's big pocket in whiskey was fabulous, though! One reason I chose the blanc in the smaller pocket is that, since it is a smaller bag (and I was worried it might be too small), the blanc color makes it appear larger. So perhaps a darker color in the big pocket? Although I LOVE the mousse!!! It's the silver hardware. And it is SO cute with jeans!
I agree. The whiskey big pocket looked amazing! I would love to see what the big pocket looks like in chocolate as well.

I think the mousse and blanc in the medium pocket and medium satchel are sooo nice!


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