Pocket agenda

  1. How many compartments are there? is there one behind the CC's slots? Can someone show me a picture of the interior, thanks a lot!
  2. I use mine as a checkbook holder. Under the 3 cc slots is a compartment that holds my checkbook register and the other compartment hold the checkbook itself.
    inside chk 2.jpg inside chk 4.jpg
  3. I don't use the CC slots in mine, just the slots to hold my address labels on one side and to hold my agenda 2008 diary on the other:


    Red Epi:
  4. err...I wish to get one agenda for myself too...but just curious, guys what normally do you write/ record in your agenda?:confused1: I love all items made by LV...
  5. Thankyou so much everyone, just one more question, are the compartments long enough to fit bills?
  6. You can fit bills but not too much...I'd say about 5 bills fit comfortably before its too much.
  7. Thanks LuLuLV.
  8. I usually write down appointments, schedules for my two jobs, etc. Here's a pic I took last year: :lol:

  9. Thanks John 5!! so sweet, you jot down your mom's birthday! :love:
  10. ^ Agreed, lols.