Pocket Agenda?

  1. Ill be a juinor in High school and I want something wthat I'll get alot of use out of. I was thinking maybe a Damier Pocket Agenda. Does anyone have this item? If so can someone show me the inside of it and tell me what they use it for? Id most likely jot down my homework or something to remember. Any other suggestions on items you think i should purchase would be great! I'd like to keep it under a $300 limit. Thank you in advance!:biggrin:
  2. I DO!! :biggrin: but i use mine as a checkbook holder/wallet i have two checkbooks in it (one on each side) and 3 cards in the slots. it's a great wallet alternative since it's only $180 and all other wallets are like $3-400.
  3. i found it was a little too small for me to comfortable be able to write down my assignments but that may just be because i have clumsy clumsy hands :Push:
  4. I want to get that when I go to LV on Friday... not sure tho... if I get it... I'll post pics of the inside for ya... cool?
  5. how about a damier small agenda? you could use that to write your hw assignments and it could double as a wallet so you wont have to bring one to school. i bought one for my son in black epi and hes putting it to use hopefully!
  6. I use mine as a checkbook holder. :smile:
    I would definitely recommend it, and I hope these photos help your decision!!