Pocket Agenda Smell

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  1. Herro,

    I picked up my Monogram Pocket Agenda and the refill yesterday at the boutique. The cover smells so bad! Almost like a medicine cabinet smell. None of my other LV items smelled like that new. Do you think that smell will go away? Or should I return it? Thanks!
  2. I know exactly what smell you're talking about and it literally makes me ill. If you have the option of replacing it then do so as the odor is tenacious (airing it out usually doesn't do diddly-squat) and could spread/intensify in your purse.
  3. Thank you! Yeah, I think I will have to either return/or exchange tomorrow. That smell is horrible!!!
  4. I think, the bad smell won't disappear. I have the same P
    problem with a Toiletry Pouch Palm Dots which I got on Thursday. I left it with open zipper near open window from Thursday to Saturday and it's still the same. Will return it on Monday. The smell comes from the pink inside. Never had this problem before, like you.

  5. That's so weird! I wonder what causes the smell??
  6. If it's convenient to exchange go for it. If not, no worries; The funky smell eventually goes away but initially it's so bad it can stink up your other items. I initially thought I somehow got a fake but then noticed more and more customers complaining about the smell.
  7. You are right, I think the smell is starting to go away. I can only smell it now if I put my nose directly on it.
  8. Is it a harsh, bit of a sour smell? The NF I purchased in February had that smell and it is only faint now. I wonder what it is.
  9. It's most likely the smell of the materials that they use to manufacture it. I bet people with these smell problems will have date codes that are closer to the date of purchase than the date codes of people who don't have any smell issues are.
  10. Yeah, it smells like the hospital! lol. I got it a couple of days ago, I am still airing it out. I am hoping it goes away so I don't have to go return or exchange it.
  11. That's interesting. Do you know where the date codes are in the pocket agenda? I am interested to see how new it is. Thanks!
  12. My speedy B 30 de smells different than my other pieces.
    Not chemical but more like, closed in with your 3 brothers in a small room for 5 days smell. Ew. It's in repair now. Hopefully someone will smell it and find a way to make it go away. I highly doubt it. It's 6 months old. I think I can get rid of it though, bc it's not chemical smelling. I don't know. I'm tired
  13. Ugh! Why are these pieces smelly??? It's driving me crazy!
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