Pocket Agenda question

  1. Hi all,
    I am hoping someone can clarify a little info on the pocket agenda. I am actually looking for a checkbook cover, when I do a search on eLuxury, all that comes up is the monogram one for $225, I prefer damier but couldn't find a damier 'checkbook cover'. However, looking at the damier pocket agenda, it has the same exact measurements as the monogram checkbook but I don't know if the inside is set up to hold a checkbook, KWIM? BONUS that the pocket agenda is only $195!!! Thanks in advance for any info!! :yes:
  2. The way it works is you slide the date book/phone book under a flap in the cover...and that holds it in so I'm pretty sure that your checkbook would fit...but it doesn't have like the little flap to pull up and put under the check you are writing...know what I mean?
  3. Yes-thanks, I wanted to be certain that even though it's a 'pocket agenda' that it can in fact hold the checkbook register/checks by having a long pocket on either side. Unfortunately, eLuxury doesn't always provide enough photos. Thanks for the info! :smile:
  4. I have a Red Epi Pocket agenda that I use as a checkbook and it fits perfectly!
  5. i have the damier pocket agenda, and i have pics somewhere if you would like to see what it looks like with a checkbook inside it. I use it as a checkbook holder with my ID, and a CC & Atm Check Card in the 3 slots on the left.

    however, it doesn't fit cash in the long slots. what i do, is put a checkbook in, and lay the cash behind the book between the book and leather, and it sorta stays in place. this is why i need a regular billfold wallet. lol.
  6. I use my pocket agenda a checkbook cover and it is perfect!!! I love it:love:
    It holds a checkbook, 3 credit card slots and has a long slot on both sides!

  7. I never thought of the Epi pocket agenda...in fact the red would look great with my damier speedy! Thanks for the idea and thanks everyone for confirming what I thought! So glad the forum is back up and running! :yahoo:
  8. I have a Pocket Agenda and the size is perfect... it doesn't take up too much space. I mainly use mine to hold the diary. Here's a pic for reference:

  9. Thanks for the photo, John... BTW congrats on being a MOD! That's cool! :supacool: