Pocket Agenda Question

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  1. Hi! I'm sort of new to the LV forum even though I've been on the Purse forum for awhile now! So to start I'd like to say hi to everyone here! I usually post in the Coach section but LV has always been my true love:heart: I can't say I'm completely in the know about LV bags but I do have a few and some accessories as well.

    I've been browsing some LV topics and came across the agenda club and seeing everyone else's beautiful LV agenda's has made me want one as well! I love the monogram vernis agenda's but when I called to order one I was told that they don't have these in the pocket size:crybaby:So instead I've decided to go with Pocket Agenda in Monogram Canvas.

    But my question is about refills for the Pocket Agendas and I did do a search but didn't really find anything. I was wondering if there are other refills out there that I could use with this agenda or do I have to purchase a LV refill? Also I was all set to get the refill as well but the SA told me they only had the 2008 refill and it would still cost me the same amount even though the years more than half over, which seemed kind of unfair:tdown: Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I really do want a LV pocket agenda. Also does anyone know if the pocket agenda comes in the monogram vernis? Thanks a lot for your help!
  2. LV has refills and they are ok in price. I have a small agenda and use for appt. It really helps me.
  3. I bought my small ringed agenda a month ago along with the LV refill so I have not had to buy the next calender year refill yet. However, I did see some pics of non-LV refills such as Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters. They are pretty cute...if you want to go that route.
  4. They make the Mini Vernis agenda...Also have you seen the Agenda Wallet?? It zips around
  5. Thanks all for the info! :smile: