Pocket Agenda or small ring agenda- Help Please.

Scottish Girl

Jan 19, 2007
I am in the market to have a new agenda this year, but am unsure if I should purchase a pocket agenda or a ring agenda. I have a mulberry planner so could use that for notes etc and have the pocket agenda as a diary. Thoughts please, and if anyone had a size comparison for the ring agendas i would be most grateful. Thank you:smile:
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
I've been using my pocket agenda forever (have the orange one, discontinued of course). I don't understand why there's only black ones available now, as I love a splash of color in my daily life.

The ring agendas are cute, but I think the rings themselves take up space, and I really don't like mental when I try to write things down.

In a world of smartphones, I keep contacts on the phone and calendar on my agenda. Sometimes I write down grocery items, or books I want to read, or a thought that needs to be reminded.