Pocket Agenda in Mandarin- HELP!

  1. Hi people,

    I'm looking for an Epi leather pocket agenda in Mandarin (orange) color. Do any of you know where I might be able to find this color? I know mandarin color is discontinued, but I really want a pocket agenda in vibrant color. Please inform if you have any information. Thanks!

    Grande Latte
  2. You should try eBay or call the 866 number if they have some left.
  3. I'd definitely try 866 Vuitton- they'll probably have some left. I know LV Hawaii still has quite a lot of mandarin (no speedys or cles though :sad:)
  4. Have you tried Paramus mall in NJ. I don't know if they have the agenda but they had so much mandarin stuff I thought they were bringing it back. It was all displayed. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for all the inputs! I'll definitely make a couple calls today.

    Believe it or not. I had a orange pocket agenda a few years back, then later sold it on eBay to switch to my treo. But I guess, I'm still an old-fashioned gal. I prefer to scribble and write big and small, so I'm coming back to the good, old LV pocket agenda. :p
  6. I would call 866.
  7. I saw one in plam beach fl at the worth ave store, goodluck!
  8. i know there is plenty left. esp of the masculine pieces.