Pocket Agenda in Cassis or Grenade?

  1. Does anyone know if they'll be making it in these colors? I really want a pocket agenda but not really feeling the current Epi colors (besides maybe red) or the mono and damier. Please let me know! :flowers: If they make it in any of the new colors, I"ll be all over it. :drool: :love:
  2. Me too!
    Trying to decide on which styles to get in the new colors is driving me crazy!
    I love purple!
  3. Me three!!!! I love the new colors!
  4. Do you think they'll make the Small Ring Agenda in Cassis? That color is delicious!
  5. I wonder if they will make any agendas in the new epi colors too! I just bought a mono agenda but have not used it yet...I could be convinced to exchange it for a cute lil agenda in cassis!!!!!!
  6. Ooo, I hope they do, I would love to use it as a checkbook cover!
  7. yhea....i wan those colors... brighten up my bag...:yahoo: