Pocket Agenda as wallet?

  1. I'm planning on getting this as my "big" wallet. Any of you use is as a wallet too? I want to know if I can jam 2 cards in each CC slot (I can do that with my ludlow).

    I'm specifically looking to get the one in Black Epi. I think this is a GREAT alternative to spending $500 on a wallet. And hopefully it will fit in a pochette. What do you guys think? Pics of your stuffed "wallet" would be great too! ;)

    Here's a pic from Eluxury. Here's the link -

  2. i think it would be a great idea. im thinking of getting a mini agenda to use as a credit card holder for a couple of cards.
  3. I've tried it. It doesn't fit bills flat. You have to fold them or else they fit REAL tight. Spend the extra for the Porte Valeurs, it's waaay better fit.
  4. yea i suggest porte valeurs for cards and cash. i used to have a porte valeurs. it was definitely useful as a cheaper wallet. :smile: it's a great alternative to a PTI and definitely fits in a pochette (i dont have a pochette, but i tried in my friend's.)

    i'm gonna get a couple of pocket agendas as a checkbook cover with debit/check cards. they serve a better purpose as a checkbook cover than a cheaper wallet.
  5. Oh. that wouldn't be good as it'll defeat the whole purpose for a "bigger" wallet (my standard). Do you know of the Porte Valeurs comes in Epi? (Elux doesn't show any, so I don't know if it doesn't come with it or it's just out of stock).
  6. Thanks Jimmy. ;) Know if it comes in Epi?
  7. Yes. It comes in Epi. Just type in Pocket Agenda under search. ;) Hope this helps. I'm planning on getting a Damier Pocket Agenda with refills soon. ;)
  8. yep, porte valeurs comes in all the lines.. i'm pretty sure it comes in epi!

    edit: actually, i KNOW it comes in epi cuz i was contemplating the Myrtille Epi versus Monogram PV. the only line it doesn't come in in MC, Mini Monogram, Suhali and Utah.. it pretty much comes in every other line. I at one point wanted to get one special ordered in white MC.. how cute would that be? haha anyways, hope this all helped!
  9. she's asking for the porte valeurs if it came in epi.
  10. YAY! I'm going to check it out!! :yes:
  11. :noggin: Sorry!!! I can't read obviously. :blink: Hahahah. Thanks for catching that.:amuse:
  12. anyone have pics.. and do these wallet/books have the lil inlets with the dates like a dairy thingl.. i know i sound dumb but have to ask
  13. Monogram Porte Valeurs

    the pocket agenda doesn't come with the date/agendas. you have to buy that seperately (like all the other agendas), but it is available.
  14. hehe, Jimmy, our wallets look similar. Except I also have my checkbook in it. Movie watchers card YAY! =)
  15. yea i used to use it for checkbook and other stuff, but i dont need to lug the book everywhere all the time..