pocket agenda as a purse?

  1. i was surfing LV website today..and i think their pocket agenda can be used as a purse... wat do u think???



    - Monogram canvas with cross-grain leather lining
    - Three credit-card slots and a long pocket on one side; a long slot on the other side holds a pocket agenda refill
    - 3 1/2" x 6 1/2"
  2. maybe. does anyone have this agenda?
    maybe they can post pics!
    it could be a really good idea!
  3. as a purse ?
    maybe a clutch, but then again it only holds cards and has a slot for your check book.agenda.. there are no real pockets to put anything big in like keys/cell
  4. I didn't like this shape, but if it holds checkbook, perhaps I need one!!! Checkbook is stuck in Brahmin, which doesn't cut it when collecting LV....nothing compares to me; but I'll never even try Hermes, etc. Way too scared, saw what happened to me with the LV, it's like a craze..lol...
  5. i'm thinking of putting in my cards n notes only
  6. Won't really work as a purse......but it holds a checkbook perfectly, it's what I use :smile: It is $195, while the actual checkbook holder is 225.

    Here is a picture of the inside [​IMG]
  7. it's cute:yes:
  8. I have it in damier and I bought it to use it as a wallet and it was a mistake
    all gets a mess in the big slots and the slots are too tight to get billd in and out
  9. I use it as a wallet, in damier print. I definitely take her out when I go to the casino or the movies. Its a nice size, but I also have the monogram sonatine, which is a wonderful small bag. It holds 3 slots for credit cards,I put several in each on and some cash and pics and GO!
    lOVE THE PRICE 195.00 AND everyone notices the damier print and comments.
  10. As a wallet maybe, but I don't think you can put your keys in there
  11. does anyone in this forum use this as a wallet then???
  12. I don't have one, but I looked at it that last time I was in San Fran...it is nice, but I would get a small wallet and small purse instead...you can keep the cost down buy getting something small, maybe even just a cles and pouchette.:shrugs:
  13. uh, maybe? why not.

    i use a small agenda as a purse, but it holds money and cards and coins and all of my organizational stuff, whilst looking hella cute, so why not?
  14. Not a purse for me, but I would definitely use it as a checkbook holder.