1. I am thinking of trying to collect discontinued pieces for awhile. Can anyone tell me what discontinued lines had pochettes?
    I know of panda and cerises (oh why oh why did I pass up the cerises pochette at the LV store 2 months ago??!!??).

  2. cherry blossom
  3. Graffiti :yes:!
  4. Panda and Cerises
  5. All the ones that have been mentioned are patterned after the classic monogram canvas pochette shape.

    There are a few lines with smaller pieces, which aren't exactly in that shape, such as trompe l'oeil's smaller pochette, the Robert Wilson lexington (the vernis version of the pochette).
  6. How many different colors for the graffiti?

    Thanks girls!
  7. Silver, peach and green for the graffitti pochettes. The perfo will be disc. soon too.
  8. Graffiti (White, Peach, Khaki-Green), Cherry Blossom (Red & Creme, Pink, Pink & Brown), Cerises, Robert Wilson, Trompe L'oeil and soon to be discontinued Charms (Taupe, Fuchsia, White) and Perforated (Fuchsia, Green, Orange.)
  9. Thanks so much babydoll! I have never seen the Robert Wilson or the Trompe (my LV addiction just started a couple months ago)...I'll have to do a search and see if I can find pics!
    I'm not a huge fan of the perfo....so I'm not sure if I'd go for one of those or not :smile:
  10. You're welcome!! :smile: The Robert Wilson ones are the Lexington from the Vernis line..and they're the 3 small ones posted on this thread. And Michelle from this board has the Trompe L'oeil one which I would gladly take off her hands lol.
    Here's the link to the Robert Wilsons, which a fellow PFer has:

    and Michelle's Trompe L'oeil pochette (in the very front) is on her collection thread here:
  11. OMG the Trompe is TDF!!!!!! Not sure about the Robert Wilson's...very colorful!
    How much did the Trompe retail for and what year was it from?
    Sorry for so many questions....as I said before my addiction is relatively new!
  12. It's ok lol. I'm not really sure about when it was introduced..I want to say Fall/Winter of 03 or of 04? And I think the retail was around $700-$800. I think now the resale price if you can find one is around $1000-$1200.
  13. yikes....that one will definitely get pushed to the end of the list lol
    I think the panda will be my first...and I'm going to call my SA and see if they still had the cerises available (it was 2 months ago so I'm doubting it!)...then on to the cherry blossom lol Hubby is going to kill me!
  14. Lol..I know. I'm still dying to have a red & creme CB piece..but I'm really hoping I can get the Papillon..that's my dream bag :heart:
  15. Ahhh the Cb papillon....one of my dream pieces too. Problem is I have no self-restraint...so I'll save up for a bit and see something else that I have enough to immediately buy and the CB gets put on the backburner.