1. I want to buy my sister a pochette. She has a Speedy 30 and a Trouville. I was thinking she could use a smaller cuter bag for evenings, so accessories pochette came to mind. I can't figure out which to buy her though...mono, damier, of azur damier. I don't know if she'd like the epi or not.

    What do you think would be best for an evening bag or "going out" bag? Mono, Damier, or Azur? She is 33.
  2. What are the ones she has right now, Monogram? If so, I'd get the Damier Ebene, it looks great casually AND dressed up!
  3. If the others are in monogram, I'd go with damier or azur. Azur looks so fresh!
  4. What canvas or leather are her other bags?
  5. Mono is great for casual, like ^^ Rebecca said the damier is a little more dressy. The epi is nice because you can wear it both causal and dressy.
  6. she has MONO bags already.

    So Damier is dressier?
  7. I prefer the epi for evenings especially in black, and the red is so hot and perfect for the holidays, but if she don't like epi, then I suggest the damier ebene.
  8. Azur
  9. I suggest regular Damier. It's so subtle and elegant and can go both casual and dressy.
  10. I think a red pochette is very classy. I love mine and have worn it to tons of weddings
  11. I also wear it with jeans and it looks great imo!
  12. I would go Mono. Always a classic.
  13. Do you know if she likes Damier or Azur? You know she likes mono because her other bags are mono so the safe choice would be the mono pouchette. It can be used as an evening bag and be dressed up, or it can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt.....then again, so can the damier and the azur IMO.

    My pick would be the mono or azur.
  14. Azurrr! I have it and I love it:smile:
  15. I would get mono