Dec 27, 2005
I took out my cherry blossom pochette and used it all alone today.....what I mean is that I normally put it in my Neverfull with things inside it.
So because we were going out to dinner I did not want to deal with my Speedy or Neverfull and put my ludlow wallet and aramande cles with my keys and some medication and cell phone. It felt great to carry such a little bag. I could sit it right on the table and I did not have to worry where my purse was. So now I think I am going to carry it around and take a break from the big bags which seem to grow when I carry them because I always put all this junk in my purse.....usually things the kids give me to hold and I don't need....
Does anyone else change from big to small bags or small to big. Now I am thinking of buyig a new small vernis bag......
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Mar 2, 2006
Yup, definitely. I'm a big Pochette fan (I have 14 lol) and use them when I'm running errands or only need to go in to class to take a test, etc. They're such great little bags!


The Shopping Queen
Jan 5, 2006
Fabulous Las Vegas
I could never fit all my junk in a pochette. I have to have my sunglasses with me all the time...they'd never fit. I have a big wallet. I love the pochette though...just wish I could downsize my junk!! LOL