1. how much use do u get out of ur pochette? my mom has one and i think they r really cute but she hardly uses it. what do u use it 4?
  2. I use mine everyday as I like small bags but I've seen some of the ladies use them inside of their big bags too. I also like to take them when going out or traveling.
  3. do they fit over the shoulder?
  4. ^Yes they do. They fit even better if you get the little extender for them but it's not necessary. I just used my green Perfo one today as a matter of fact.
  5. Not much these days. I used to have it in my bigger bags to hold all my stuff. But find it to be a PITA when changing to smaller bags.. ie baggy pm, popincourt, or coussin. So I have just sliming my bag down so that I dont have to worry. Otherwise smaller stuff just floats around in my bag and I just dig.

    I guess its nice for days when you only want your cell, keys/cles and not much more.
  6. I use mine mostly on the weekends when I don't want to carry a bigger bag and just have a few things to carry. I also use it inside my bigger bags during the week.
  7. I use mine everyday inside my bags. And when I want to carry a smaller bag I bought a long mono strap to use with it.
  8. I use my pochette like two times per week. The bag fits well into my large totes, too. Very handy!
  9. i use it for those nightouts when all i need are some money, phone, and lipstick ...or even for shopping since i can use it on my shoulder and not worry getting snatched...
  10. I love mine.
  11. I use mine quite a bit. I bought the monogram strap so I can wear it crossbody to give myself more options. At the moment, I only have one monogram pochette, but I could totally see myself starting to collect them. There are so many cute patterns to get.
  12. I have a mini pochette which I use inside my bigger bags. It is also great as a wristlet when going out.
  13. i carry my pochette inside my batignolles horizontal (which i use as a diaper bag)...it keeps me organized and helps separate my stuff from the baby stuff.

    the pochette carries my wallet, pda, pen, card holder, lip gloss, so when I have my "me" time or need to run just a quick errand without my baby, I just take the pochette out of the BH and bring that with me.
  14. I use mine as a "divider" in larger bags.. and I LOVE taking it out to clubs. Spilled drinks have happened on it.. but no big deal, the vachetta is only a small part of the bag so it still looks great ! :yes:
  15. it is my most used and abused bag... i use it inside my big bags and use it by itself for a quick errand.