Pochette with silver Hardware

  1. I saw a girl today carry pochette accessoire with silver hardware. Did LV make it in silver hardware?? I like it in silver because it won't tarnish like the gold one. I didn't stare at the pochette too long so I can't really tell if it's real or not..

  2. As far as I know, only the myrtille epi pochette had silver hardware. And of course the upcoming mirior pochette.

    Maybe it was a really, really tarnished monogram pochette ?

    [edit] and eBay just proved me wrong ! :upsidedown: There's a lovely mocha demi lune with silver hardware.
  3. I'm pretty certain that the pochette was never made with silver hardware.
    Maybe it was an old bag and all the brass had just worn down to make it look more silver than gold?
    Or it was tarnished, as someone mentioned?

    My pochette is beat to a pulp and the ring on one side looks silver.
  4. yeah, I've only seen epi with silver hardware (well now some suhali) but no mono canvas....
  5. I thought about the possiblility of tarnished hardwares but it's really white silver like paladium no hint of gold at all..

    I wonder if she used some chemical to remove the gold coating, it's even silver all over..
  6. It was probably fake. I'm pretty sure they never made the mono pochette with silver hardware. Only some epi ones, and now suhali.
  7. If everything, the zipper and all, were silver, it had to be a fake...
  8. Yeah..I guess too good to be true..I love the idea of silver hardware..
    I can't stop thinking about it..
  9. i've seen the pochette mono in gold hardware, the epi pochette is in gold / silver hardware depending on which colour
  10. Yeah I've never heard of any pochettes with silver hardware. I can see it if it were spotty silver in places due to normal wear but completely silver?
    The hardware is just brass underneath so no matter what, it'd tarnish. And even if the gold was able to be removed with a chemical or something, I don't really think someone would go to all that trouble just to turn it silver.
    I could be wrong but IMO, the bag was probably fake..the people who produce fakes get pretty creative sometimes.