Pochette? What exactly is it for?

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  1. Can you put the pochette on your shoulder? What do you carry in it? I would love to see pictures.

    I am going to Vegas in a week and a half and was wondering if I would be better off carry my new Speedy 30 Azur or should I buy a pochette? Any info would be appreciate. Thanks!!
  2. Yes, you can wear it on your shoulder/under your arm. You can also buy a long strap so you can wear it messanger style. It depends how much stuff you want to carry while in Vegas. If you want to carry a a few things then I think the pochette would be perfect but if you want to carry a lot of stuff then stick with the speedy.

    I personally use use pochette everyday inside my bag. If I don't want to carry a lot of stuff I then use it as a small purse.
  3. I love having a pochette. I keep it in my neverfull and use it when I don't want to carry a big bag. It looks really nice dressed up too. You should be able to find pics of members modeling theirs. Lots of walking in vegas, I think the pochette may work better.
  4. I love my pochette. It's my favorite. I use it in my bigger bags and love to carry it when I'm going out! I can put a wallet in it and my keys but usually I don't even carry a wallet in it. I'll just put my ID, credit cards, money, compact, lipstick, gloss, tissues, and keys inside. It holds more than you think and is tucked under your arm all night. Very secure! I highly recommend it!!!
  5. Here's a couple of pics.....
  6. You might want to consider it.......we have a purse snatcher ring here right now on the strip. The police are recommending that gals carry their bags messenger style. I live in Vegas and I have all speedy bags and the neo cabby.........BUT I don't go to the strip much.
  7. I have a pochette and it doesn't fit much. If you are looking to just put your wallet, cell phone, and a few other small items then you should be fine. Other than that, it doesn't fit much. I use it when I need to run to the bank or store for something quick. Others use it as a cosmetic pouch which I do as well when I am at school. Either way, its a cute little accessory that has alot of uses.
  8. personally i don't have a pochette cos i like to carry a lot of stuff around with me but i am considering a sunset boulevard in violette for when i go out at night
  9. I have a pochette, but I usually use it as a make-up bag or smaller bag inside my Neverfull and Speedy 30. I went on a trip a couple of years ago though, and bought a longer strap for it to wear across my body to keep my passport and money close to me, so it was quite useful. I've attached a pic of it with the longer strap. Hope this helps! ;)
  10. I use my Pochette for dinners out and nights out where I'll be dancing and want my hands free. I always wear it on my shoulder. I don't use it as a day bag as it's too small. But for night you can fit your cell, lip gloss, cash and card/ID and keys if they aren't on a huge key chain.

  11. Great idea. Pochette is small so only could be used to go out at night. I used to own one but never use it, too small.
  12. Thank you ladies for all the helpful advise. I think I will buy one before I go on the trip. I appreciate it!!
  13. Hi, I have three pochettes and I love them! Off course, you have to cut down the stuff you bring seriously but it's just soo comfortable! It fits comfortable on the shoulder or worn messenger style and it's soo light! I wear them as purses.

    Here's some pics:

    PICT1984 (Large).JPG

    PICT1995 (Large).JPG

    PICT1374 (Medium).JPG

    SL370419 (Medium).JPG
  14. I have three as well. The mono, cheries and azur and as everyone has said they are the most useful things I own. I carry it as a purse when I do not want a big bag (esp. when traveling) or I put them in my big bag to hold things.

    Great investment!
  15. the bag was meant to be a makeup bag but a lot of people use it as a purse. i used my first few as a purse until i started carrying heavier things. now i just use it as makeup bags. btw if your bag tears or some threading comes off from it being too heavy and worn, lv won't replace it because the bag wasnt meant to be a purse.