Pochette Wallet

  1. Does anyone have this wallet? Is it too big? Do you like it?
  2. perfect size, also looks sleek as a clutch. i highly recommend it!
  3. Gah I'm dying for one of these!
  4. Irene has one and says she loves it.
  5. I have the Pochette Wallet in Pomme D'Amour and it is a great size. I also use it as a clutch... It is great in red, I can't stop admiring it...lol.
  6. i didn't find out about this wallet until after I got my PTI...now I wish I waited...
  7. Which one is the pochette wallet on elux? Is it the one with zip pocket? Thanks!
  8. 10 c_c pochette.jpg groom1791.jpg PICT3733.jpg
  9. I have it in pomme d'amour vernis. I love, love, love this wallet. It is so easy to use, you open it up and everything is right there (and not everyone can see it, kwim?) and it's so user friendly!
  10. ^^ how many cards does your hold ?
  11. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wallet, i have one in mono!!!

    but....it takes so much room in my bags.....
    my koala in franboise is arriving tomorrow, but i dunno if i'll keep it, i already miss my pochette wallet! it is so awesome!!!
  12. I have a mono version. The size is just perfect for me as I carry EVERYTHING in my wallet. Most of my bags are pretty large so I don't really find that it takes up a lot of room. I would highly recommend it!
  13. I think dazlin.pearl recently got this wallet?
  14. i have one ... have 4 card slots, but i still have zipper space to store more cards/coins, and two different bill spaces
  15. totally agreee:jammin:

    Also depending on the model you get some will have 6 CC slots, others have 10