Pochette Wallet: Monogram or Vernis?

  1. mono seems more classic, but the pomme vernis color is soo stunning!

    help me decide people!

    (um, and how much $$$ is the monogram)

  2. The vernis actually holds up really well over time - I have a beige vernis wallet and it's kept on trooping. I'd definitely get the pomme one !
  3. Mono Pochette is $495USD via eLuxury

    and I would def. go with Pomme
  4. Is this is your first LV wallet , I would get the monogram. I know the monogram will last a lifetime. I do not own a full size Vernis wallet so I cannot say how it would hold up with time, probably as any LV wallet it would, but I vote for the monogram!
  5. Go for mono!
  6. I think that the Pomme Vernis would be a welcome POP of color-yummy!
  7. i have the monogram groom..I like mono but I think it's kinda too plain so my vote goes for vernis especially pomme or pearl (if they make on ein pearl)
  8. Pomme, all the way!
  9. I vote Pomme! I have both:smile: I used the monogram for over a year (it is such a GREAT wallet) but I saw the pomme version and immediately fell in love. It's really pretty! And since I'm such a "neutrals" kind of girl, the pomme adds a touch of color to my day.
  10. I have the Pomme and love it!
  11. mono if its your first wallet. the mono pochette wallet can really take a beating. i love mine. i'm considering getting another one in a different print.