pochette wallet-made in spain

  1. I just get a pochette wallet (mono canvas) on Valentine's as a gift.
    I just realize that the one I have is made in spain.
    I'd like to know has anyone got made in france?
    I'd like to know that do they have all pochette waller (mono canvas) made in spain?

    Thanks guys....
  2. They generally don't make the wallets in France. Most are made in Spain. Congratulations on your wallet. It's my favorite! I hope to get one soon.
  3. Congrats on your wallet!
    Mine Epi Zippy is made in Spain, but my mono Ludlow and Mono Zippe are made in France.
  4. My Pochette Clès is also made in Spain ;)
  5. wow, it's great to hear that. thanks all you guys
  6. my french purse is made in france. call 866 and ask.

    that's a nice valentine's present! congrats!!!