Pochette vs neverfull pouch

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  1. I just got an iena and I’m kinda wishing I would have gone with the neverfull to get the included pouch. Can I add a strap to the pouch to wear crossbody? Should I get the pochette accessories?
  2. I have the Neverfull pochette and personally I think it's pretty useless as a separate clutch. There's no depth to it so it looks too bulky with bigger items. I use it to hold receipts or notes. It only has a D-ring on one side so you cannot use it cross body. It could only work as a wristlet.
    I much prefer the Pochette Accessoires as a clutch because of the depth and cross body function.
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  3. The Pochette Accessoires would be your best bet. I have two Neverfulls and their pouches are practically useless. I can barely fit my phone and a few cards without bulging and looking disheveled. No depth at all.
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  4. I agree with the previous two posters.
  5. Agree. I do use my neverfull pouch for phone, cash as a wristlet. Maybe a lip pencil but even a lipstick is too bulky. The pochette accessoires is amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on another one in mono!
  6. I sold all the Pochettes that came with my Neverfulls even the two limited ones I have. They are too thin to hold anything and I was able to sell them for a very good price. I added little more money and got the Pochette Accessoires NM and I couldn't be happier. I don't understand why people would willing to pay $400 and more for these NF Pochettes but I guess they do look sleek and modern for younger people.
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    While I agree PA is nicer and fits a lot more, the Neverfull pochette is easier to slide into the bag because it's flatter, and many girls don't carry much just phone car keys and credit cards, and the Neverfull pouch is the lowest price LV wristlet in the market that's maybe the reasons why it is quite popular besides it is very difficult almost impossible to get a PA new model or old model in very good condition.
  8. the only thing I ever found the NF pouch useful for was my passport and airline checked bag tags, tickets (if you still do paper tickets) and customs paperwork etc... when I traveled. It seemed perfect for that.