Pochette - Vernis or DA? Does it fit the Emilie wallet?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a Neverfull epi and I'm thinking of getting a Pochette that will hold a regular sized wallet. I would keep the pochette in the neverfull, where it would have my wallet, a few other essentials, then when I need it I can just grab the pochette for quick errands.

    I have a few questions ...

    1. Does the Pochette fit an Emilie wallet + iphone 6?
    2. Should I get the Pochette in vernis or damier azure?

    I really like the vernis in dune, but i wonder if it's hard to keep clean? Which is why I'm sort of hesitant to get the damier azure.
  2. I can help with no.1- the pochette does fit the emilie and iPhone 6. I have the mono OM and DE NM 😀
    What colour is your Neverfull Epi and emilie? That might help with the colour choices? I'm looking to add an Azur to my pochette collection though 😊
  3. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that the emilie and iphone 6 will fit the pochette :smile:

    Sorry for being a noob, what's OM and NM stand for?

    I have the indigo neverfull epi and i'm looking at the fuscia epi emilie.

  4. OM=Old Model
    NM=New Model

    I was debating between the DE Pochette and the Vernis Pochette in Amarante, and ended up getting the Vernis because it's just too gorgeous! It's actually on its way today. Plus, I already have a vachetta cross body strap that I can use on the Vernis Pochette.
  5. Thanks for explaining the difference between OM and NM :smile: I keep gravitating towards the vernis pochette too - it's so gorgeous! I was planning to buy a chain strap for it so i can store in my NF and easily clip it on if i need to take it with me.
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