Pochette v. Navona, in detail

  1. Good morning my PF friends ! :yes:

    I recently purchased a Navona and there has been some discussion about this bag before, so I thought that you may find this useful. That and I just wanted to take some photos. :graucho:

    This is the capacity of the Navona, when filled - I find this to be slightly less than the mono pochette, it's just a tad smaller.

    It's contents (blotting sheets, white MC cles, mono cles, compact, lipgloss, v3 and lady items).

    The two stacked up.

    The slight length difference in the straps (Navona has a tad longer drop)

    And this one's just for fun.. I luurrve pochette sized bags ! :love:
  2. I would love it though if they had the pochette accesoires in damier........
  3. BTW great pochette collection, makes me drool
  4. Thanks for the pics! I really like it! The navona seems like a great choice for a night out.
  5. :nuts:AHhhhh It does fit a lot. I can see that you loveeee pochettes:graucho: Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  6. very cute! congrats!

    the strap is longer than on the reg. pochette, right?
  7. awwwwwwwww :heart: cuuuute pochette family ... love it ...
  8. Thanks for these pics Ayla:flowers: They will be very helpful for people planning to buy a pochette!
  9. oooohhh I like that the strap is longer than the regular pochette!
    And BTW...nice pochette collection :smile:
  10. Nice Pochette collection! It looks like the Navona holds quite a bit.
  11. Love your pochettes - your family looks like mine!

    I have the pink Coach wave demi, the Burberry, Navona, and Mono Pochette, too :smile:
  12. Nice pics and collection of pochette sized bags!! I have the Navona too. Here is what I put in mine ( there is still some room left for another small item or two)
    DSC01306.JPG DSC01305.JPG
  13. LV will make it next year and discontinue Navona..

    Love all your Pochette..thanks for sharing!!
  14. you have such a nice and lovely collection!!!!!
  15. Thanks, ayla, very helpful! The navona is really nice, and I love that the strap is a bit longer.