Pochette Twins

  1. so my boyfriend got me the Damier pochette for x-mas and i got myself the Azur because it is soo cute

    they look so cute together:love: but they have to take turns cant wear them at the same time
  2. So cute!
  3. They're adorable!! Congrats on getting both!
  4. Lovely pieces!!!
  5. LMAO, I totally agree.. they look so gorgeous together.. if I could I'd wear them at the same too. :roflmfao: Congrats!
  6. Too cute! I want the ebony damier one!
  7. oh i thought u meant the pochette twin in mono..haha

    congrats!! literally pochette twins :smile:
  8. Very nice! Love the twins!
  9. So cute! Congratulations!
  10. sososos lovely twins
  11. Cute! I love how the Azure Pochette looks. So bright, and love the Damier Pochette. Both will be so cute!
  12. Congrats!!! They look sooo cute!! Enjoy!!
  13. Very Pretty! Congratulations!!
  14. Very cute pair :yes:
  15. sooooooooo cute :cutesy: