pochette twin GM

  1. According to the vuitton SA, they are discontinuing this larger style of the pochette twin series. Who has it and how do you like it? If I own one, I do plan on using it as a shoulder bag.

    My main concerns:
    1) uneven patina due to the doubling of the straps;
    2) the snap closure on the strap will break loose from the weight of the bag; and
    3) the bag not having enough "depth" to hold my stuff.

    PS: size is not a problem for me - I like small size bags. ;)

    Here's the link: http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10188975&searchString=pochette+twin (the pic is for the smaller version of it..the one I want is the larger version)

    Any pics of what fits inside? Thank you! :love:

  2. I have the pochette twin (for several years). I use it as an evening bag (but it can be used for quick day trips to market, etc.. too). I don't double the straps but let it hang or even put it messenger style. Although it is not that thick, it does hold what I need -- wallet, mirror, lipstick, etc.. It is one of my favorite 'go to' bags.
  3. hey bluekit! I remember being interested in the pochette twin gm before as well, but I think the main reason I didn't get it was the narrowness (if you like the epi pochettes though, it shouldn't be a problem) and I thought they were a bit more ordinary looking. Are you not happy with your beany bag anymore???! =)
  4. hello! I've got the Twin GM & you don't need to worry about #2 since the bag is so small that I don't think it will put enough stress on the snaps or strap. It is VERY narrow so because of that you can't fit very much in it at all. I can put Ludlow wallet, keys, lip gloss & coach mini skinny in it with almost NO room left at all. It holds less than the pochette accessories or my mini sac!! I was actually thinking about selling it & getting a bigger shoulder bag today too!

    I like carrying as a clutch (w/o the straps) for evening purse myself.
  5. what's a mini sac?
  6. Hi mas2388! I do like my epi pochette, it fits my essentials just fine:love:. But seriously though, for $480+, I think I might as well get the pochette marelle and attempt to use it as a shoulder bag? (what do you think!? I'm so indecisive! :yucky: )

    I'm still happy with my beany bag! :love: but I don't want to use it too often...I want to keep the patina new! :shame: so I'm justifying my next purchase this way:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Cool! I think it should fit all my stuffs then! I have a ludlow as a wallet too! :heart:
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