pochette tulum

  1. does anyone have the pochette tulum ? what do you use it for? pls post pic attached to your bags i want to get one but it might be to big hanging from my bag.. im planning to get the pochette tulum instead of the mono cles .... thanks in advance :love:
    pochette tulum copy.jpg
  2. I think Jill just got one.:smile:
  3. It doesnt fit much..some cells dont even fit in it..it depends on what style you have..try it for size before purchasing!!
  4. wow - that is SO adorable!!!! Oh man...I want that - I must stop looking at this forum but I...can't....click...the...x.....must...click...x....

  5. i know how you feel it has me drooling :love:
  6. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!:lol: I've been saying this since day one!!!
  7. hahahahaha :lol:

  8. hi jill can you pls post a pic hanging from your bag i really love it :love:
    thanks in advance
  9. It's Super Cute ~ I Think It's A Must-Have!
  10. so cute!
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