Pochette Tikal

  1. Does anyone have this? If so, what do you use it for? Do you use it inside a bag i.e. Speedy? Good for cc's and receipts?

  2. Sorry I do't have one, but i'm thinking of getting one too. I think it's adorable.
  3. So funny that you ask this....I just ordered one today! :yes: I plan on using it inside my other bags. You can also purchase a wrist strap (I think the SA said it was 100$) to use it as a wristlet.

    I'll post pics once I receive it! ;) I have always thought this was such a cute accessory!
  4. I just didn't know if it would be too big to go inside my speedy 25 as my cc holder. I also use a purskette so the only thing that would be in the middle of the bag would be my pochette wallet and this tikal. Hopefully someone will have one and could us a better idea. Pictures of it in a bag would be great too. It was this or the mini pochette. But this is so cute!
  5. My Mom has one...I don't have a pic of it inside a bag, but here it is with the other Tikal bags. If you have a Wapity the strap from that can be used on it as well.


    Oh and she usually uses it as a wristlet on it's own. She uses the mini pochette to organize things in her larger bags.
  6. It's so cute! I have the Tikal PM and I love the turnlock.
  7. I love mine, I use mine for out and about...or as a sidekick case inside my other bags...fits perfectly.

  8. i like it! its bigger than the wapity!
  9. Don't own it but think it would be adorable as a clutch using the wapity strap. It could probably hold cards, money, lip gloss, and a phone for evenings!