Pochette tikal or MC wapity ???


Which one should I get ?

  1. Pochette Tikal

  2. White MC Wapity

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  1. I've been thinking about getting either Pochette Tikal or MC wapity. I love white MC wapity because it's so gorgeous and refreshing but I also love pochette tikal, it's bigger plus I am crazy about that twist lock and thick zipper pull. I can use it as a cluch, key holder etc..

    Pochette Tikal
    7.3" x 4.1" $ 525


    White MC Wapity
    4.3" x 3" x 1.7" $ 335


    Please help me out here..

  2. I would go with the Pochette Tikal. It is more versatile and I really love the shape of it. I really have a soft spot for the mono line.
  3. the Pochette Tikal is really cute, but it doesn't have a strap, does it?

    i love the Wapity because it has a strap, and you can use it as a purse on its own when you don't want to carry a big bag out. i have both the Mono and white Multicolore Wapity, although i've been thinking of the Tikal too :graucho:
  4. My friend just bought this bag (Tikal). It does have a strap. I really liked it. I say go for the Tikal; I might get one myself. :smile:
  5. i would say wapity :P it's soooo cute
  6. Really??? it comes with strap?? wow..more point for tikal..
  7. wapity! it's beyond cute! :yes:
  8. Wapity! I really want to get an MC Wapity in black because I don't have anything MC yet and I think it would be cute on its own or inside a bigger bag. :flowers:
  9. I have a white MC wapity. So I say go for that!
  10. wapity
  11. Are you sure it "comes with" a strap, I looked at it when it first came out and it has a d ring that you could hook a strap to, but I'm pretty sure I remember the girl saying it did not come with one, though she said you could buy a strap.....are you sure you're friend didn't just buy a strap???
  12. I prefer the Tikal, it looks really cute + I think it's more versatile.
  13. i love the MC in the wapity! i use it alone when i am running errands and as a make-up bag when i am carrying a purse. but if you can't chose, get both:graucho:
  14. I love both and the Tikal is a beautiful style....I'm just having a hard time with the price of the Tikal.....I almost rather put that money towards one of the larger bags in that series......the mc wapity is on my list, I'm thinking of getting the white one....
  15. Wapity!