POCHETTE TIKAL!!!! anyone own it?

  1. Do you own this clutch? Tell me what do you think? Practical for everday? How long have you had this?
  2. No but I like it!
  3. Love it too, but it's a bit pricy. Have wanted to get one for ages.
  4. I saw it at the boutique...it is the last one and when the SA took her down I felt the warm due sittin on the shelf with all of those lights. Anyway the vachetta has turn abit tan ....should I get it. nothing is wrong with it.
    I check with Elux.they are out of stock too.
  5. It is a lovely clutch
  6. I want one of these too! One of my customers walked in with one... I told her how beautiful it was, she let me touch/play with it, and I even showed her where the date code was and what it meant. :p

    It's cute, versatile, and can hold quite a bit! :yes:
  7. oooh I want one too, but can't find one.
  8. I know FrankiP have one, have you try the 866?

  9. John 5,
    can you tell me where to look for the date code?