Pochette Segur Vs Montaigne clutch?

  1. hey everyone! Im having serious dilemmas over a shoulder bag! :confused1: I was thinking hamstead or bucket now im thinking I need a smaller shoulder bag since i have a fendi spy already.:yes:

    So which one? Segur or montaigne? im scared that the montaigne will be too small! anyone have any? pics would be great!
    or maybe a pochette, im thinking no on this, but could be won over with some convincing!!!

  2. here is a picture of the segur and the montaigne to compare xx
  3. Dazlinpearl got the Montaigne clutch last month and gushed over it, and she posted some pictures. The Segur is pretty, but I love that clasp on the Montaigne!
  4. Definitely Montaigne
  5. Hiya ! I love the Seguer in Blueberry , Both are really pretty, I love the kinds of Blue Louis Vuitton do! they are hot What ever one you pick Don't forget to post pics! :smile:
  6. Montaigne clutch, since you can use it with or without the strap and it looks great as a clutch, I'd get that instead!! (Isn't it slightly less expensive as well?!)
  7. I'd get the Montaigne! It's so much cuter!
  8. did you decide?
  9. ^^ no i still have no idea! I like the fact that you can use the montaigne as a clutch, but the segur seems to be a better size! Im a bit worried about them as my bf says they look like bags that you would take to the office?! And I dont work so im thinking they are too dressy?
  10. I like the Montaigne clutch a lot more than the Pochette Segur.
  11. Montaigne +1 here. :heart: you can convert it, will it be possible for you to visit boutique to check out the size before you purchase?
  12. I went to the boutique today, and tried both, didnt fall in love with either!!! So still shoulderbag less! Im not sure, maybe im going to have to start looking at the monogram canvas! xx
  13. If you want a monogram shoulder bag that doubles as a clutch, be sure to try the Beverly clutch. I LOVE it.
  14. I have been considering those too. Were they too small for an every day bag?

    The Vavin is a good sized tote but it doesn't close, the Popincourt Haut does though. There is the Recital, which is really cute.
  15. Try the Petit Bucket in Monogram. It has a more casual feel to it. I find it very comfortable on the shoulder and it's easy to access your stuff, but when your arm is over it others can't get in it.