Pochette sag?

  1. My mono pochette is saggy! Saggy bottom, LOL
    Is that just something that they do?
  2. I have never seen a Pochette sag. I have only seen Pochette overly stuffed, can you take a picture of it?
  3. never seen a pochette with a sag :wtf: Is that even possible ?
  4. I'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. Camera battery needs charging.
    It's along the bottom. I did buy it used.
  5. Wow i didnt think that could happen. Seems like a rather small bag to have a sagging issue. I've never had that problem with mine :shrugs:
  6. ^^^ Yes, like that. Except mine is worse.
  7. thats normal.
  8. Oh, that's pretty normal...it does that even without anything inside...
  9. thats normal :smile: mine also sags a bit..
  10. Don't worry, mine bulges out like crazy too.
    It depends how your bag is stored.
    The previous owner of my CB pochette used it once and has kept it in her closet for a few years...in its dustbag, stored under a few other bags.
    It was FLAT when it arrived at my house. I now stuff the pochette with a thick folded scarf when it's stored. :yes:
    It's just the way that the pochette is constructed; since the canvas is only attached to the bag at the bottom edges and not the lining, it just kind of...bulges.
  11. There are always words that are so funny to say like bulge, and spelling the word lieing, or lying. And one commerical I love is when they are spelling words, and Rotweiller - do you know the one I'm talking about?