Pochette Rabat

  1. Hi. Thinking of purchasing a pochette ragat from a consignment store. Purse looks great, but Louis Vuitton is the only word embossed in the interior. Where would I find the date code? Thanks.
  2. here are some pics of mine to help. Mine says "Louis Vuitton, Paris, Made in France"

    rabatinside.jpg rabatdatecode.jpg rabatzipper.jpg
  3. *bump*

    I came across what I think is a Pochette Rabat. The interior is darker than the previous poster's bag and the zipper pull looks like a piece of leather through it and not the more modern looking golden pull. Also it looks like the stamp's "france" is in lower case and I can't find a date code. I am thinking it's a fake. Price is really low. Anyone know anything about this bag? I searched and this thread was all I can find. Seems like it's really vintage.
  4. I don't have and can't get pics. Bag is not in front of me.
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