Pochette Rabat vs. Mini Linda?

  1. What a dillemma...I've reserved both in this exact colours, but need to decide by tomorrow... PF ladies, HEEELLLPPP!!!! Any advise will help make up my mind:rolleyes:

    Mini Linda.JPG Pochette rabat.JPG
  2. Mini Linda!
  3. :yes:
  4. i like them both - yes, even the rather festive Sac Rabat colours - i think they're more stylish than the vinyl Charms collection. but go for the Mini Linda!
  5. Right, i'm inclined more to Mini Linda. But which colour beige or multi? Beige i can get right away, and for multi i have to wait for indefinite time:amuse:
  6. Mini linda in the colors shown. GOOD LUCK! Can't wait for pics
  7. Mini Linda!!
  8. LOL so i guess i'll have to go against the majority here and say the Pochette Rabat! it's so cute. to me the Linda has a rather awkward shape :huh:
  9. Def. Pochette Rabat !! It is sooo beautiful :heart:
  10. Mini Linda, the colors I like more.
  11. Mini Linda by far! The colors are much more versatile.
  12. The one on the left!!!:love:
  13. the brighter one! i saw it in person and it is FABULOUS. it's the perfect shape and the colors are FUN without being way to trendy. looooved it. if only had a couple thou to spare. :smile:
    Pochette rabat.JPG
  14. Mini Linda. I like the shape better.
  15. I love the Mini Linda in beige, the red/green will be more sort after as it was in the show. Have you seen them both yet? If not you may know as soon as set you set eyes on them which you want.